About the Journal

The Romanian Journal of International Law (RJIL) is a biannual publication of the Association of International Law and International Relations (ADIRI) in Romania, affiliated with the Romanian Branch of the International Law Association (ILA). Focused exclusively on international law, RJIL features scientific articles, commentaries, studies and reviews of case law and legislation. Through its work, it endeavors to shape the Romanian school of international law, fostering emerging specialists at academic and professional levels, and contributing to advancing contemporary international law. The journal invites high-quality scientific contributions from Romanian and international scholars, students, practitioners, and policymakers, written in English or French to facilitate access to a wider audience.


RJIL’s vision is to mold the Romanian School of International Law, nurturing a new generation of experts while shaping progressive developments in the field. This vision rests on the belief that the strengths of this legal branch serve as potent tools in resolving complex global issues and advancing Romania’s international standing.

Brief History

After initial publication in 2003, the journal was biannually published by CH Beck Publishing House from 2006 to 2012. Since 2017, RJIL has been published exclusively online under the Romanian Branch of the International Law Association (ILA). ADIRI, established in 1966 as a public utility association, offers expertise in international relations, international law, and European affairs. Organizing seminars, conferences, studies, and opinions, ADIRI contributes significantly to scientific debates. From issue no. 16 onwards, RJIL transitioned to an electronic format to ensure the free dissemination of its scholarly content, catering to a wider audience interested in international law.

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