Review Process

The Romanian Journal of International Law has a rigorous scientific, technical and peer review verification process of proposals for publication. 

In addition to verifying the compliance with the required format, selected items can receive comments, proposals and suggestions from reviewers and editors for improving the structure and/or further developing the paper.

Authors are informed within no more than three months of the date of submission about the decision regarding the publication of their paper.

If the Editorial Board accepts the submitted paper, the author will be informed if adjustments are necessary or if suggestions arise from the review process. 

Peer review

Peer review is critical to maintaining the standards of our publications. We: 

  • provide appropriate systems, training, and support to facilitate rigorous, fair and effective peer review for all our publications; 
  • encourage our editors and peer reviewers to familiarise themselves with, and act in accordance with relevant best practice guidelines on peer review;
  • expect those who oversee the peer review process to be able to recognise warning signs of fraudulent or manipulated peer review, and to raise any concerns about this;
  • support our editors and peer reviewers in investigating and acting on any suspected cases of manipulated or fraudulent peer review; 
  • protect the confidentiality of participants in the peer review process where anonymity forms part of that publication’s peer review process. 
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