An Introduction to the Phenomenon of Piracy

Ioana-Roxana OLTEAN*

Abstract: The law of the sea is ever-changing and complex. An aspect that has been constant throughout the evolution of law is one of its contenders: piracy. In today’s context it takes various forms and States have taken different national and international stances against it. However, current affairs show that piracy remains a constant risk to commerce itself. With modern warfare means becoming accessible to private persons has come a need to internationally and uniformly regulate this phenomenon. This article aims to offer an overview of the international instruments governing piracy, address the current state of areas that have been affected, propose how risks in this matter should be viewed and present some solutions that have been beneficial in the practice of sea farers.

Keywords: piracy, risk assessment, proposals.

*Doctoral candidate, University of Bucharest, Faculty of Law, Bucharest, Romania. The opinions expressed in this paper are solely the author’s and do not engage the institutions she belongs to.  

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