The European Union’s Role as an Actor in International Law of the Sea Issues: History and Adjudication

Ștefan BOGREA*

Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest

Abstract: This research follows the historical evolution of the EU’s role as an actor in International Law of the Sea issues, culminating with its signature of UNCLOS. It then analyses the ECJ’s most recent judgments on its competence to adjudicate on Law of the Sea issues between its Member States and the consequences of the Court’s point of view, namely that the ECJ is poised to become a reference Court on such issues if future cases are to arise before it.

Keywords: European Union; International Law of the Sea; UNCLOS; Adjudication.

*PhD candidate, Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest. Member of the Bucharest Bar Association. Contact: The opinions expressed in this paper are solely the author’s and do not engage the institutions he belongs to.  

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