Book Review: El Derecho del mar y las personas y grupos vulnerables

(coord. by Gabriela A. Oanta, Bosch Editor, 2018, 426 pages)

Elena LAZĂR*

Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest

* Elena LAZĂR has graduated the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Law (2010), the LLM in Private Law (2011) and the LLM in European Union Business Law (2011) at the same faculty. She has also obtained her PhD diploma in 2015 in the field of human rights law at the Faculty of Law. In her capacity of teaching assistant at the Law Faculty she is in charge with seminars and courses on Public International Law and International Organizations and Relations for the second year of undergraduate studies. She also works as a lawyer and as a legal expert on criminal matters for the EU Commission. The opinions expressed in this paper are solely the author’s and do not engage the institution she belongs to.

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